How To Deep Clean Your House: A Ridiculously Thorough Guide

Let me start by revealing a SECRET!

I am a sloppy guy. To be honest, more than a bit! So, how can I still manage to keep my house clean and organized all the time?

Because I solely believe –

“A tidy home equals a tidy mind.”

Even a recent study of Indiana University shows that people who keep their house clean are comparatively healthier than those who don’t.

If you are curious about how to deep clean your house to stay healthier, this guide will lead you there. This complete guide will shed light on the whole cleaning system only for YOU!

No more hush-hush!

Let’s disclose those secret tips about cleaning your condo professionally.

How To Deep Clean Your House Like A Champ?

When I first started to clean my place on my own, I thought Sunday is enough to run a full day clean-a-thon! Guess what? Did it work?


But, I didn’t attempt another clean-a-thon. Instead of that, I just followed some secret processes and got a magical result within the afternoon.

Mesmerizing, huh! Now it’s time to introduce you to my house cleaning secrets. Let’s move, mate!

1. Start by Cleaning the Bed

Cleaning the bedClimbing into a wrinkle-free bed at the end of a tiring day feels so refreshing!

Still now, few people think that making up the bed is just a waste of time. But, doing this simple task will really change the overall look of your entire room.

You know, the bed covers the maximum space of our room. So, keeping the bed clean and organized will make the whole room tidier. Before opting for cleaning the bed, try to break down the tasks into smaller tasks.

  • Throw the Unwanted Stuff Away

Who doesn’t love to throw the dress or other pieces of stuff at bed?

Well, I do! (probably, you too!) But, throwing that every day will make your bed a complete mess! You must remove those before your mom notices that!

Before starting the cleaning process, you have to remove everything from the bed. You might want to keep some books, a phone charger or a few other things in your bed. It’s okay to keep those for now.

But, you have to remove those for cleaning purposes. Once the cleaning is done, you can keep the important items in your bed again. But it’s definitely not recommended.

  • Clean the Mattress

Once you remove everything from the bed, it’s the mattress time. Remember, a mattress can beautify or spoil the overall outlook of your room. So, it’s important to choose a beautiful mattress and keep it clean always.

However, cleaning the mattress is kinda time-consuming. But you can do it with common household cleaners. If the mattress doesn’t look dirty, you can just use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning.

Simply, grab your vacuum cleaner and go over the entire mattress surface. Try to pay special attention to the seams and crevice area in order to remove the hidden dust. On the contrary, you have to use a washing machine if the mattress is quite dirty.

As the worst case scenario, you may notice some mold too! Well, I know you may take enough precaution to prevent mold. However, it doesn’t matter now. As mold grows already, simply use the appropriate chemicals to clean thoroughly and get rid of it ASAP.

  • Remove the Stains

You know, there are few mattresses which can’t be cleaned by applying water or using other cleaning solutions. Memory Foam is the best example of this. For this reason, it’s good to use the stain removers to remove stains.

Well, you cannot just buy a simple stain remover from the market and use it on your lovely mattress.

Who actually does that?!

You may get a basic stain remover to clean sweat, vomit, urine, blood, or other related stains. But, what about the biological stains? And, the enzyme cleaner is the solution for that.

Spray the cleaner, blot the stained area, and keep blotting until the stain lifts completely. You may use cold water if needed. Once you’ve cleaned one side, flip it, and repeat the same process on that side too.

  • Do An Upgrade

Cleaning the mattress definitely extends the lifespan of your mattress. But, you know everything in this world must have come to an end.

Thus, your mattress will also lose its appeal and unable to comfort you one day. And that’s the time you should consider to make an upgrade of your mattress, cushion, or a simple pillow. If you own a porch swing, try to add few gorgeous cushion on there too!

2. Remake the Bed

Even after doing all of these necessary cleaning and upgrading, still it might look old and boring. In this case, you just need to remake the bed. Remaking the bed will help you to enjoy the beauty of trying something new and also feels good.

3. Keep the Clothes in Right Place

Whenever we enter the bedroom, we mainly take off our formal clothes and throw those into the chair or bed. That’s a bad habit. This simple action will kill your precious time when organizing the whole house.

That’s why you should put these clothes in the right place whenever you take these off. It will not only minimize the messes of your room but also saves your time while cleaning. Just try to keep your clothes where it belongs. It might be the laundry machine or the closet.

4. Check the Laundry

Laundry comes in mind immediately after talking about the clothes, right?


So, let’s have a look at the basic tips about how to do laundry by hand.

  • Get Rid of the Dust

Dust is the main enemy of your laundry room. To get rid of the dust from your laundry room, you have to clean it from top to bottom.

Pay special attention to the corners and narrow areas. As most of the people overlook these areas, thus it becomes a shelter of the dust. Remember, the laundry room gets pretty dusty without regular maintenance.

  • Clean the Washer and Dryer

Washer and dryer is the most important element of the laundry room. And cleaning the laundry room means especially cleaning the washing machine and drying.

Don’t get anxious about the cleaning process. Basically, cleaning these machines is a very simple task. You can do it only by using household items. Simply mix a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar and run it in the washing machine. It will automatically clean the machine. And a damp soapy rag will work well for the dryer.

  • Don’t Forget About the Cabinet and Countertops

Though the cabinet and countertops look huge, it doesn’t cause trouble while cleaning it. Only a simple surface cleaner will do this task pretty easily. Apply the cleaner and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Well, you don’t need to sit idle now. You can clean the sink or vent while the surface cleaner is doing its job. Once the surface cleaner does its job, wipe the surface properly. It will most likely remove the dust of your countertop and cabinet.

5. Organize the Closet

Clothes make you beautiful. But organizing the closet feels the exact opposite. Follow the strategies below to redesign your closet for the greater good. It might take a while, but that will definitely be worthy. Here are some tips for organizing the closet.Cleaning organized closet

  • Declutter Your Closet

Tossing everything from your closet will be a crazy mess. Instead of that, try to sort out your clothes into categories. The most efficient sorting style is separating your shirts, pants, tops, and other accessories sequentially.

This method will not only organize your closet but also takes a very little time.

  • Design Your Closet Space

If you have enough time and money to renovate your closet, go for it. Otherwise, it’s time to become creative! To overcome the problems you’re facing with the space of your closet, the following tips might be quite handy.

At first, take a close look at the closet and find out the places you can renovate.
Put the non-frequently used clothes on the hard-to-reach upper shelves.
If you have too many shelves but no vertical space, remove some shelves to create vertical space.
Store the denim, t-shirts, or sweaters in the vertical space.
Attach some hook on the walls to hang few dresses.

Remember, there are infinite ways to renovate your closet. Just do it in the proper way.

  • Hang the Delicate Clothes

The delicate clothes like shirts, coats, blazers, skirts, lingeries, or other fancy items should be hanged in the wall. In case you are running short for hanging hooks, at least try to keep the fancy items in the wall.

It will not only keep your dresses sturdy or structured but also saves lots of closet space. This might be the best way to organize closet space.

  • Stack Thick Items

If you are not interested in spending more time to organize your closet, stacking the items might be the easiest way to organize closet clothes.

Hooking the bulky winter sweaters or stiff denim jeans will do nothing but killing your precious shelves space. Stacking these sturdy items will be the best solution to organize closet clothes. Because of the sturdy material, these dresses won’t crinkle, slump, or lose their shape while stacking.

  • Roll the Shirts and Pajamas

Rolled shirtStill fighting with the smaller space of your closet?

Just roll and tuck your shirt and pajamas. Rolling the thin and pliable dresses like polyester items, shirts, or leggings is the most creative way to organize a closet.

A rolled dress consumes very less space than the plainly organized one. However, don’t roll an ironed shirt! It will ruin the shape.

  • Utilize the Empty Space

After storing everything in the closet, maybe you are going to close your freshly decorate closet door for today.


Don’t you think there are still a few empty spaces that need to be utilized?

Yes! Here I’m talking about the empty walls. After hanging the clothes, yet there’s a few spare wall-space. It’s time to be productive with that space. You can hang the smaller accessories like ties, hats, jewelry, or the belts on there.

Cool, right?

That’s the answer to your long-cherished questions about how to organize your closet. If everything goes right still now, it’s time to check the kitchen.

Let’s check the kitchen.

6. Clean the Kitchen

Cleaning kitchen with familyA survey of the United States Department of Agriculture shows that Americans spend 37 minutes on average per day preparing food, serving, and cleaning the kitchen.

That’s interesting!

You know, using the same space every day must need some sort of cleaning at the end of the day. And, of all the rooms of your house, the kitchen is the place that we use almost every day. Thus the kitchen needs your keenest attention. If you want to know how to clean the kitchen fast, check this out.

  • Clear the Deck

Putting everything on the kitchen deck is enough to ruin the beauty of your kitchen. Before starting the kitchen cleaning process, we have to remove the accessories that aren’t in the proper place.

  • Clean the Kitchen Sink and Faucets

The real cleaning process will start when you start cleaning the sink. Remove all of the dirty dishes and put those in the dishwasher. If you use the stainless steel sink in the kitchen, you may use baking soda and sponge to clean it.

I prefer sponges because it can remove the stains from the surface without scratching. After removing the stains, spray vinegar to rinse the sink. It will act as a disinfectant and makes your sink shinier.

Repeat the same process for the faucets too.

  • Clean the Microwave 

Just imagine what will happen when your guest makes a sudden appearance on your door?

He must open the microwave door to warm up the apple pie or anything else. But, facing a sticky door will make him opt to eat the pie cold.

You don’t want that, right?

That’s why you should clean it fast. Cleaning the microwave isn’t a big deal if you have the required cleaning ingredients at hand. Even if you don’t have any cleaning agents, you could make DIY natural cleaning products in the home.

You’ll need the following items for this micro project.

    • Clean water
    • Fresh oranges (2 pcs)
    • Cinnamon powder and
    • Vanilla

Simply mix all of these in a bowl and keep it for at least 5 minutes. When it gets mixed properly, just apply it in your microwave. It will not only do the cleaning but also removes the odor from your tool.

  • Organize Kitchen Closetorganizing kitchen closet with family

All of the cooking items are meant to be stored in the kitchen cabinet. That’s why you should clean the kitchen closet more carefully. No matter how much mess you have already, here’s a simple step-by-step solution to clean all of your messes.

⇰ Remove unwanted items first

There’s a huge possibility that you might have filled your kitchen cabinet with lots of unwanted items. You must get rid of all of those items before opting for the actual cleaning process.

⇰ Arrange the items

After removing the extra knick-knacks, it’s time to arrange the stored items.

At the basic level, organize the tools only. Most of the kitchen tools do not consume much space in the cabinet. Keep the frequently used item close to hand. Thus you can access the tools whenever needed.

⇰ Categorize items

While organizing the kitchen tools, try to categorize those as well. Proper categorized tools can save lots of your closet space.

⇰ Keep the foods separated from utensils

Though the utensils are being used to store foods, it’s a good thing to keep the foods and utensils in a separate place. It keeps your food comparatively safer.

What about you have a small kitchen cabinet?

In this case, you can create separate sections in it. Put the utensils on one side and the foods on the other side. Storing those items elsewhere will free up your cabinet space and also make the existing items easily accessible.

⇰ Be neat

Changing a jumbled closet into an organized one, you don’t need to do much.

Just start working by keeping in mind that you have to clean the kitchen cabinet, and you can do it. It may require storing a few items elsewhere.

Do it without any second thought!

7. Cleaning the Refrigerator 

girl cleaning refrigeratorPerforming these steps will clean most of your kitchen spaces. But, don’t you think we just missed something?

Yes, I’m talking about the refrigerator. As we are cleaning the kitchen, you can’t just avoid the refrigerator.

Refrigerator is a basic component of every kitchen. It keeps your foods safe for a long time. If you don’t want to make your fridge smells like a dead animal, you must clean it at a regular basis.

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step process of cleaning the fridge.

  • Wipe Up Spills

You must wipe up the spills immediately. Otherwise, it will dry and becomes stiff enough to remove. It will be better if you store the jam jars, ketchup bottles, or salad containers properly so that it won’t spill.

  • Check for Spoilage Foods

Spoil foods are not only harmful to your body but also for the refrigerator. Check for spoilage every day and throw everything that is due its prime time.

The foods that are more likely to leak like the berry cartons or defrosting meat should be placed in a rimmed place.

  • Doors Must Be Cleaned

The doors, edges, and top of the refrigerator must be cleaned weekly. You may use mild dishwashing liquids and clean water for cleaning purposes.

However, few people love to use bleach for cleaning. Cleaning refrigerator with bleach is a more professional way.

By the way, you have to pay special attention to the hard-to-reach areas, handle, and corners. You might use fridge cleaning spray to harbor sticky fingerprints.

  • Clean Refrigerator Shelves and Interiors

Do you like the gloomy a refrigerator interior?

I don’t think so!

That’s why you should clean the refrigerator interior at least once a month. You can clean the interior only by using household items like baking soda and hot water. Mix 1 quart of hot water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and rinse a damp cloth in it. Simply, wipe the interior with this cloth.

However, don’t use detergents or soaps. These leave a scent behind, which is bad for food.

  • Check for Odors

Besides making the refrigerator sparkly clean, it’s important to eliminate the odors too.

You can clean it only by using fresh copy grounds. Put the coffee grounds in a tray and put in inside for 5/6 hours. You have to keep it until the smell goes away permanently.

Don’t be tensed about the coffee scent. The lingering coffee scent will disappear eventually. And that’s how you can clean a refrigerator without using fatigue.

8. Give Your Carpets Some Care

IBIS World reports that the revenue of the carpet cleaning industry reached $5 billion in 2019. Just imagine how big the market is! A huge number of people use carpet regularly. That’s why it also gets dirty pretty quickly.

But when did you clean it last?

Can’t remember? It’s okay! Most of the people do not clean the carpets pretty often. But it must be included in your professional deep cleaning checklist. In this section, I’ll show you the best way to clean carpet.

  • Cleaning the Visible Stains

Carpet is something that we use have to use every single day. Thus the carpet has to cope with lots of things like mud, pet hair, urine, pet hair, food, and something even worse.

To get rid of these, a quick vacuum will become handy. It will help you to remove most of the visible stains.

  • Removing the Invisible Stains

Your carpet is the most favorite playground in the bacteria. As you can’t notice the bacteria’s in the bare eye, don’t ever think that vacuuming will remove these tiny germs too.

However, I also met with few people who don’t even bother to clean these invisible germs. But, NCBI reports that a dusty carpet impairs your indoor air quality and also causes several health issues. To keep safe from that, you might get following an extraction method below.

  • Dry Extraction Method

Dry cleaning is the easiest and quickest way to clean carpet.

At first, you have to spread the dry absorbent on the carpet. Now keep it idle for 5 minutes. You can get the vacuum machine ready at this time.

Now, run the carpet cleaning machine and clean the carpet thoroughly. It will remove both visible and invisible dust from your carpet. Most importantly, this method works better than steam cleaners, chemical solutions, and other steamers.

  • Water Extraction Method

The second and most common method of cleaning a carpet is the water extraction method.

Most of the home carpet cleaning system supports water extraction method aka steam cleaners. The steam cleaners work by injecting a water formula into the carpet pile. When the water formula cleans the carpet, it automatically pulls that dirty solution back to the machine.

As these cleaners pull the water, thus it has a hose in it. You will also get several other machines without the hose. If you want to avoid the hassle of dragging a hose around you, you may get a solution without the hook.

Pro Tips: Don’t get the carpet overly wet while using the steam cleaner. Over-wetting will result in odor, shrinkage, or discoloration of your beautiful carpet.

  • Hiring Cleaning Professionals

If you don’t have enough equipment or don’t want to do the cleaning by yourself, you may try to hire a cleaning professional. Generally, they have the most advanced equipment with years of experience.

Getting a professional service is recommended if you are moving in a new house. You know deep cleaning empty houses is very time consuming and tiring. So, if you hire the professionals to do the cleaning, you can take a close look at the decoration part or other important tasks.

9. Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Which room do you least like cleaning?

Obviously the bathroom!

However, cleaning the bathroom isn’t as agonizing as you are thinking. Let me show you the most important bathroom cleaning tips and tricks to make your bathroom sparkle.

  • Clean the Shower

At first, detach the shower hose, head, and nozzles from the shower panel. It will let you clean all of these parts pretty thoroughly.

Submerge all of these parts in clean water and vinegar mixture overnight. Then, remove it in the morning and rinse with clean water. Thus the rusts and other ingredients will be removed.

  • Check the Dingy Grout

Grout is a highly susceptible area for bacteria growth. Thus you must clean these areas. You can clean it only by using household items. Get some straight bleach and rub it in the discolored area.

That will be enough to clean the dingy grout area of your bathroom.

  • Clean the Tiles, Ceilings, and Walls

Tiles and walls represent the beauty of a shower room. If the wall is dirty, your bathroom will look dirty for sure. An all-purpose cleaner will be a good choice to clean every wall of your bathroom.

Simply mix the cleaner with clean water and spray it on the wall. It will take about 20 minutes to remove the dust from the wall. Don’t forget to wipe the floor after cleaning. A wet floor is extremely dangerous.

  • Clean the Bathroom Sink

You’ll need only soda and white vinegar to clean the bathroom sink. Just need to pour the mixture of vinegar and soda through the drain and flush with hot water, and that’s it.

However, you have to use the disposable disinfecting wipes for faucets. It reduces the bacteria growth in the faucet. While cleaning the sinks, don’t forget about the handles. The handle can be washed only by clean water.

  • Disinfect the Bathroom

In the ongoing battle of germs and you, germs will win if you don’t know how to disinfect properly.

Before the disinfection process, you have to clean the wastebaskets, garbage, sink handles, or child diapers first. It minimizes the germs significantly.

Rather than this, you might use the disinfecting sprays to destroy the germs completely. If it’s the first time you are going to degerm your room, you may need some professional help.

10. Washing the Windows

cleaning window with familyHopefully, we just completed washing everything inside our room. Now it’s time to look up!


Doesn’t mean the ceiling actually! Check the windows.

Looks crummy, isn’t it?

Don’t worry. Now we’ll help you to clean up your messy window both inside and outside.

Point to remember: Cleaning the windows isn’t rocket science. You can do it without any professional help. Actually, today I’m gonna show you a few easy window cleaning tips and tricks to clean both the inside and outside. Let’s make the path of sunlight clearer than ever!

  • Clean the Inside Part of Your Windows

Only a clean window can offer you the shining beauty of clean outdoor patio. There’s no alternative of getting the natural outdoor light. To ease this cleaning process, here I’m presenting the step-by-step guide to clean the inside section of your window.

Step #1: At first, fill up a large pot or bucket with clean water. And add some window cleaner spray or liquid dish soap with that. If you want to create a homemade window cleaner with vinegar, that’s also welcomed! Let the mixture stay idle for a few minutes. At this time, the water and soap or spray will get mixed properly.

Step #2: You’ll need a sponge or microfiber to clean the window glass. Make sure that you’ve collected it before start cleaning. You can place a bathing towel beneath the window. It will protect your floor from water spills.

Step #3: Take a spray bottle and fill it with the cleaning mixture you’ve stored earlier in the bucket. Spray the cleaner towards the window from top to bottom. Don’t forget to spray in the frame too.

Step #4: Now, take your sponge or microfiber and rub the glass. Keep rubbing until there remains any dirt and streaks.

Step #5: After finishing the cleaning, let it dry by direct sunlight. You can also dry it via using a lint-free, clean towel or newspaper. A Z-shaped motion will be a handful to dry the window.

Step #6: While it dried completely, it might notice some additional strains. Thus it requires two or three rounds of spraying and drying to get cleaned completely.

Pro Tips: Try to clean your window in a dry or cloudy day. It will prevent you from the soapy water from getting dried. If the weather doesn’t co-operate, choose the shady side of your house.

  • Clean the Outside Part of Your Windows

Cleaning the inside windows is quite easier than the outside ones. Outside windows contain comparatively more dirt and strains. Even we cannot reach every part of the outside windows.

So, how to clean outside windows you can’t reach?

Well, you may use either DIY or artificial solutions for cleaning. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of cleaning outside windows.

Step #1: At first, start by rinsing the window thoroughly with water. If you want to use only homemade solutions, you can start cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper. Otherwise, go for the artificial outdoor window cleaners.

Step #2: Take a large bowl or bucket with clean water. And mix the window cleaner in it.

Step #3: Now spray the mixture in the window. It will weaken the stubborn dust.

Step #4: Get a sponge or soft microfiber cloth to wash away this dust from the window.

For the higher windows, you will need a pole. Just attach the sponge on the head of the pole and use it to clean the tough-to-reach places of your window. Don’t forget to sink the sponge on that mixture of the bucket.

Step #5: After cleaning the windows, it’s time to dry those. You can use a dry towel or direct sunlight to clean that.

Step #6: For the old windows, you might need to repeat the process two or three times to remove those stubborn dust.

Pro Tips: Sometimes, cleaning sprays cannot clean the whole window. There will remain a few chemical elements, mineral deposits, or hard water on the window. You have to use commercial cleansers to remove those.

That’s how you can clean both the inside and outside of your window. Though the cleaning process is quite painful, letting the sun shining your room will be worthier than that.

11. Ask For Help

We live a busy life and obviously not superhuman. So, you cannot do everything on your own. You can also get help from the professional house cleaning service providers if needed. Seeking help from the friends and family members are highly recommended. Thus you can do the chores while gossiping together.

Stanford University research shows that gossiping is good for the mind and can influence perception.

Last Thoughts

Cleaning is like “Blessing your home”!

So, don’t skimp on the cleaning process. You know, living in a messy room is not cool for your health and mind refreshment. Proper cleaning will help you to maintain a healthy streamline of your life without driving yourself crazy!

And yes, that’s the end of our roller coaster journey of informing you the easiest and simplistic process about how to deep clean your house professionally.

Did I miss anything? Let me know via the comment box.

Until then, Hasta Luego, Amigo!

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