About us


Welcome to HomeyGuy.com

At first, thanks for stopping at my blog.

I’m Robin Milford, a father, a husband, and an environment activist.

The concept of this blog is raising awareness among the peoples all around the world to save our dying environment. I’ll share informative blogs, product reviews, and other related information in this site without any crap. I wish my reviews and blogposts will make your life easier.


Why HomeyGuy.com?

The internet is flooded with the blogs and product reviews. Why should you choose Homey Guy?

Well, let me share a real life story before answering your question.

Few days earlier, I searched internet for home renovation tips. And I ended up with plenty of websites. But, almost all of them covers only the basic things and I didn’t get my answer there. Few other websites make their guideline too clumsy by using too much technical jargon.

On that time, I decided to make a blog which will answer your queries in a very simplistic way.


Here it is!

I hope you just get your answer. You will get in-depth reviews and authentic product reviews from this blog. I must thank our research team for testing plenty of product to choose the best ones for you.

Nevertheless, feel free to contact us if you want to share anything with us. Your feedback is very important to us!

Have a good day!